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  • Todd Strunk

Legal Marketing Association- Sponsored Luncheon Meet - 11.9.17 @GrayRobinson - Downtown Orlando

It was our great pleasure to sponsor a corporate luncheon on November 9, 2017, for a local gathering of the Legal Marketing Association, hosted by GrayRobinson at their downtown Orlando offices.The event was organized by Emily Hillman, recently elected director of LMA and GrayRobinson's Business Development Manager. We really enjoyed working with Emily and contributing to this great organization's local monthly event.

The non-profit Legal Marketing Association is engaged in the effort of assisting legal professionals in developing best practices marketing programs and finding new methods to promote their services, with networking, educational programs and connections with vendors, consultants, and marketing from other professions. The LMA was formed in 1985.

For further information on LVA, please visit:

GrayRobinson :

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