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  • Todd Strunk

Our Mission is YOU...

AT PLUS CATERING we believe that with some regularity, everyone in business should revisit their “mission.” Thinking about one’s mission statement– a declaration and affirmation of core purpose, commitments, principals, values and goals– is central to insuring that the company is performing in accordance with this overarching theme.

Within our mission at Plus Catering Orlando is a commitment to provide wonderful, fresh food and beverages, great service and reasonable prices for all of our event clients. Each and every event is a test, as it should be, in making good on that mission.

Our wonderful customers have been expressing unanimity as to our success in this effort, for which we are truly grateful. We cherish each and every client, and are ever truly grateful that they chose us among many to cater their very important event. Such events can mark the most important day in a client’s life-such as a marriage and reception. This is never lost on us. And so despite our wonderful reviews (and thank you so much to all for your consideration in submitting them!) we will serve our next clients just as if they are our very first.

Page Pervez, President Plus Catering Orlando

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